Athlete’s foot is no serious disease

In Germany more than 20 million people suffer from fungal diseases on the feet

the cause of this infection is a fungus (tinea pedis), which thrives best on dead tissue of the hair, toenails and skin layers, and grows in moist, warm climate.

A single dandruff, which is infected with fungi, can transmit the fungal disease.
You shouldn’t walk around in bathhouses and saunas without your own slippers.

Doctors do not recommend the use of Disinfection spray-machinery in bathhouses, those only give false sense of security.

It is particularly common, that these fungi form spores, that can survive for a long time.

While you can do your laundry at 60 °C, you can not do this with shoes.

for a safe and quick solution:

With the two active ingredients in CalCifu Spray, you can be sure that your shoes are freed from fungi and spores.

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